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Domain names

You have a business but you don't have time to deal with emails or a website right now. You still want to make sure that you'll be able to develop your business on the internet in the future.
Reserve your domain name right now, before somebody else does!

For people to connect to your future website, you'll need a domain name (eg. It is very cheap to get one if it has not been taken yet.

But if you have to buy the one you want after it's been registered by somebody else, you'll have to pay a lot (some are sold for over R 100'000) or you might be stuck in long procedures to claim it back.

Get it now before it's too late, and we'll keep it safe for you until you need it. DNS

  • 1 domain name of your choosing ( - if available)

How Much ?

R 9.00 per month

Can I get anything other than

Yes of course! We can provide you with lots of different endings (called “top level domains” or tld's) for example : .com .net .org .name .me etc...
Some of these are even cheaper than the traditional
Let us know what you need and we'll help you get the perfect internet branding for your company.

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