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Computer Services

Your computer doesn't want to start any more, you don't receive your emails, or you can't connect to the internet...

We are here to help you!
We've been doing computer maintenance for small to medium businesses for many years, and we take pride in making sure our clients get the best service.

From network installation, to computer repairs, whatever your problem is, we will find a solution that's affordable and sustainable in the long run. HELP

  • computer/laptop/server installation/repair
  • network installation/upgrades/optimisation
  • internet set-up/migration/troubleshooting
  • software installation/update/training

How Much?

We help you solve any problem from R 300.00 per hour.
Starting a big project? Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Your Business is Critical!

We would be happy to help you on a more permanent basis.
Ask us about our Help desk plans providing you on call technicians around the clock, or our computer replacement plans making sure you always have a computer ready to use even in case of disaster.